This ultra-premium driver shaft is one of the hottest sellers in the marketplace


he premium aftermarket shaft market is still flooded with ambitious golfers willing to pay a premium for a top-of-the-line composite shaft.

How do we know?

The hottest selling driver shaft on Fairway Jockey is the ultra-premium AutoFlex ($790) driver shaft from Korea-based Dumina Co.

Now, to the average golfer that may seem like a huge pile of cash, but as we’ve seen with aftermarket shafts through the years, serious golfers wanting the pinnacle of performance (usually referencing added distance) are more than willing to shell out big dollars to get it.  

Here’s why AutoFlex has the golf world buzzing. First, the AutoFlex is a thinly walled, lightweight shaft that’s up to 20-30 grams lighter than most composite graphite shafts, making it easier to swing faster for an increase in clubhead speed and ensuing added distance.

Also, the shaft comes with what’s called K.H.T. (Korea Hidden Technology), which is kind of funny because that tells us nothing — it’s a shaft that’s capable of delivering a softer flex profile (hence even greater distance) without a reduction consistency and accuracy. 

This means fast swingers can use a shaft that is lighter and has more flex to hit the ball even further and straighter. And for the matter, a more flexible shaft places less strain on the body when compared to a stiffer and/or heavier shaft. A nice bonus, if you ask us.

In selecting which of the five AutoFlex models is right for your swing, Dumina Co. recommends golfers make weight/flex selections based on swing speed:

  • F305 for 60-70 MPH swing speed
  • SF305X for 70-90 MPH swing speed
  • SF405 for 85-100 MPH swing speed
  • SF505 for 95-100 MPH swing speed
  • SF505X for 100-110 MPH swing speed
  • SF505XX for 110-120 MPH swing speed

There are also very particular recommendations for optimal swing weights with each model ranging from C5 to D2.5, meaning the slower the swing speed, the lighter the swing weight needs to be for maximum performance.

The rest of the story? It’s pure magic. And as we’ve seen with tests held at Fairway Jockey and with the raving popularity of the shaft, it may be just the trick for longer and straighter drives.

The AutoFlex comes in Black Pink or Aurora (rainbow). Additional shafts include the AutoFlex wood, hybrid, and iron shaft versions. You can find it now on 

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