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Introducing Our Company

We provide our customers with the best quality and service.

Our own technology - Korea Hidden Technology
Dumina designs and manufactures the high performance graphite shafts.
Our patented formula, a combination of high-quality carbon fiber and additional proprietary materials create the light weight shaft with less distortion.
The results are proven with the winning records of the Tour Professionals and avid amateur players.
Autoflex shaft Dealers
We were established in 2009, and we currently have over 120 dealers in Korea.
Many golfers in about 40 different countries are using Autoflex shafts, and numbers of dealers are in each countries.
Questions on Autoflex shaft
There are dealers in Korea, USA, Canada, Japan, South East Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, and more countries for the convinience of purchasing Autoflex shafts.