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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 4
AUTOFLEX Average Swing Speed Test // 90-100mph

The now legendary AUTOFLEX shaft has one more question to answer – how does it perform for average swing speed players? In this video we test the shaft in 3 different flexes using 3 different swing speeds around the average clubhead speed range. Can the AutoFlex offer the average player more distance and accuracy?

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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 1

We test the AutoFlex shaft from Korea Hidden Technology to see if going longer, lighter and more flexible with this mysterious design can actually lead to longer drives and consistent accuracy!

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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 2

It's our second test of the mysterious AutoFlex shaft, this time Ian does a full fitting session for Matt to see how much distance, accuracy and consistency can be extracted!

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TXG Golf : autoFlex Shaft test 3
Should Matt Game the AUTOFLEX? // Driver Shaft Fitting

We put the Autoflex shaft to the test against Ventus – can provide extra yardage while maintaining playable dispersion off the tee?

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AutoFlex Lures Golfers In With The Promise Of Easy Power Off The Tee

Dumina, a boutique golf shaft maker based in South Korea, began operations in 2013. While players on the KLPGA and LPGA enjoyed tournament success with their early releases, the small outfit barely registered a blip on the equipment radar stateside until their showy AutoFlex model that comes in hot pink and rainbow colorways debuted last year.
The driver shafts retail for just under $800 or more than double what a Fujikura Ventus will set you back.

While the price tag might induce sticker shock, the tony tubes quickly gained a following thanks to glowing feedback from early adopters who reported significant leaps in ball speed and driving distance. The shafts were the talk of the table at a McIlroy family holiday gathering and Michelle Wie raved on Instagram that AutoFlex is the closest thing golf has to a magic wand, claiming she gained 4 mph of clubhead speed and felt less strain on her wrists.
The list of pros who’ve put AutoFlex in play in tournaments includes Adam Scott, Branden Grace, Louis Oosthuizen, Ernie Els and Fred Couples.